Westcott Plastic Ruler 12″ Blue Transparent 12975


Blue ruler shows some minor scratches due to use, but there is no other damage, and can still read the number clearly.

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If you need a ruler for any sorts of measurements, then look no further than this Westcott blue ruler! This classic ruler is perfect for classrooms, offices, and other commercial business settings that need a ruler for use. Even those who need a ruler for personal use, this ruler is perfect. Thanks to the hanging hole, it is easy to store this ruler when it is not in use.

With a variety of uses, this ruler allows you to measure items up to 12 inches long in 1/16 inche increments, ensuring utmost accuracy and precision. The metric markings also include millimeters for a versatile addition to your office tools and supplies for our brethern around the world. The durable plastic construction is lightweight and designed for long-lasting use.

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