Universal Stick Porous Point Red Ink Pen


Universal Stick Porous Point Pen Medium 0.7mm Red Ink Dozen

Factory Box has Storage Wear

Stick Porous Point Pen, Medium 0.7mm, Red Ink & Barrel, Dozen – The smooth writing action of this porous-tip pen makes it a pressureless pleasure to use. Precision tip produces consistent, clean lines. Vividly colored ink tastefully draws attention to itself. Marks and lines are quick-drying to reduce the possibility of smearing.

Smooth writing action.
Precision porous tip.
Vividly colored ink.

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The¬†Universal Stick Porous Point Red Ink Pen is the perfect pen to purchase for users of red pens. Teachers, professors, and editors will all love this red pen. The is due to each pens’ smooth writing action, making it easy and smooth to correct papers. The precision porous tip allows for neat and uniform writing. The vivid red color makes it easy to identify each correction made to a paper. In addition to all of this, the red ink is quick drying, preventing smudging and a neat quality to each sentence. Teachers, professors, and editors should all make sure that you have this product on hand when you edit a paper.

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