Milwaukee 2415-20 12V Li-Ion 3/8″ Cordless Right Angle Drill


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Milwaukee 2415-20 12V Li-Ion 3/8″ Cordless Right Angle Drill

Product Information
The Milwaukee M12 2415-20 12V lithium-ion 3/8″ cordless right angle drill is a specially designed drill/driver for drilling and fastening in tight and hard-to-reach places. For complex projects as well as household repairs, the M12 right angle driver is sure to make your task easier. It has impressive torque and excellent battery life. Made with quality built-in electronics, the M12 is capable of safely handling even the toughest tasks. The Milwaukee M12 cordless right angle drill has a 3/8-inch single-sleeve keyless ratcheting chuck, which allows you to change drill bits quickly and with one hand if necessary. The driver’s advanced electronic clutch delivers up to 100 in-lbs of torque and up to 800 RPM. The electronic clutch has 11 different settings in addition to drill mode in order to give you the most power and control for each specific task. The Milwaukee M12 cordless right angle drill allows for maximum power in a small package thanks to this innovative electronic clutch. The head of the M12 is only 3 3/4 inch long and is at a right angle to the handle of the driver. Rubberized grips along the handle of the right angle driver make it comfortable to hold and ensure a safe grip. The Milwaukee M12 right angle drill weighs only a little over two pounds, including battery, and combined with the well-designed handle grip is easy to hold at any angle while you drill. The extended paddle switch also makes operation easy; no matter what position your task requires you to grip the drill. The small driver head and lightweight design make this tool ideal for tight and awkward spaces. Additionally, the Milwaukee 12V cordless right angle drill features an built-in LED light that points directly at your work surface and also illuminates the clutch position. Accessories required to operate the Milwaukee cordless right angle drill are a 12V REDLITHIUM lithium-ion battery pack, compatible charger, and the drill bits appropriate for your project. Advanced battery technology allows the REDLITHIUM 12V battery to deliver more work per charge and longer overall battery life. The M12 driver also features a built-in fuel gauge so you can monitor battery life and predict when you will run out of power. Included with the M12 is an owner’s manual that includes care and use instructions as well as warranty information. The Milwaukee M12 cordless right angle drill is a heavy-duty power tool designed to make work in tight spaces easier and more accurate. It features built-in electronics including an electronic clutch, a fuel gauge, speed control, and overload protection. The M12’s compact driver head and onboard LED light mean that no corner is unreachable with this tool. It is a versatile addition to your tool set, and a handy drill to have at home for a number of repairs.

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