Hot Dots Phonics Flash Cards Vowels




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Hot Dots Phonics Flash Cards Vowels

Hot Dots Phonics Program Hot Dots-Powered Phonics Fun! Now there’s an exciting new sequential phonics program that combines the fun and excitement of Hot Dots flashing lights and fun sounds with a comprehensive readiness and phonics program. Each set of self-checking Hot Dots flash cards reinforces skills essential for reading success. After mastering the skills in the first three sets, children will be able to decode, or sound out, hundreds of 3- and 4-letter words. As they progress through the program, they acquire new decoding skills—so they’re reading in no time! With the Hot Dots Power Pen (sold separately) in hand, phonics practice becomes an exciting game children can play on their own or with adult guidance. The Hot Dots pen gives immediate feedback for correct answer choices with flashing lights and one of seven positive sounds–or one of two gentle incorrect answer sounds for wrong choices. Each set includes 72 learning activities on 36 full-color double-sided cards. Packaged in sturdy plastic storage cases, these are the perfect send-home helpers for children needing extra practice. All cards can also be used without the Power Pen as traditional flash cards. Grades K+ Ages 5+ Set 3 Vowels Identify short and long vowel sounds. Read CVC words and phrases, plus various spellings of long-vowel words including “magic e.”

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