Epson Claria Hi-Def MultiColored Cartridge


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1 Cyan/1 Light Cyan/1 Magenta/1 Light Magenta/1 Yellow

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The Epson Claria Hi-Def MultiColored Cartridge is a prefect product for great, professional looking prints. This product provides an impressive reliability for dependable performance, consistent page yields, and standout results. In addition, you will love this ink’s vibrant and varied colored ink, perfect for documents that have a lot of colors. You will always have a consistent, professional-quality, colorful prints, using pigment inks designed for the office. Due to the high-quality ink, this product gives customers sharp and clear print for papers. This ink cartridge ensures great performance and very high-quality results at astonishingly fast speeds, due to Epson’s high-quality standards.

Product #T078920

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