3M Dual Laminate Refill Cartridge (25″ x 250′)


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Item New / Box Opened / 1 Roll has a little imperfection

Watch pictures for more details. Photo 2nd to 5th are real item pictured.

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3M Dual Laminate Refill Cartridge (25″ x 250′)
The Dual Laminate Refill Cartridge from Scotch is a replacement supply of laminating plastic designed to be used with the Scotch LS1050 Laminating System. This cartridge is offered here in a 25″ width and is 250′ in length.
Product Highlights

Width: 25″
Length: 250′
Preserve and Protect Your Documents
Heat-Free Laminating

Product Type: Laminating Cartridge
Brand Name: 3M
Manufacturer: 3M
Product Model: DL1051-P
Product Name: DL1051-P Dual Laminate Cartridge
Manufacturer Part Number: DL1051-P

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